Top 9 Best Android Apps For Your Smartphone

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Next to the development of smartphones, the uses of mobile apps are undeniably unending in day to day to life. This is because smartphones are not just a tool of communication anymore. It has undergone a tremendous transformation and has become of colossal importance in an individual’s life and businesses. With the invention of apps, the service sector has gained a new face. In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 best android apps for your smartphone.

Everything from shopping to studying can now be done with mobile apps. Gone are the days where one had to wait in the bank for quite some time because with mobile apps you can transfer money to anyone you want from the comfort of your home. It is an all-in-one unit of entertainment unit on the go. Smartphones have made life simpler and the way people interact.

Apps to Make Life Simpler

If you have just unwrapped your android phone, you would have downloaded all the social media apps, shopping apps, and many more and typed in hundreds of passwords and synced everything. But now it is time to make your life easier.

With more than 2 million apps in the market, it is evident that mobile apps are becoming the new fad. To harness its full potential the one a person has to be no miss in day to day life. Smartphones of almost everyone will be flooded with social media and shopping apps, but here is a list of the best android apps that are must-have in your phone.


Dropbox is one of the best android apps which help in syncing files to and from various portable devices. It is designed to work across the web Windows, macOS, iOS, and of course Android. This means that there is no place for the phrase “I can’t find my file”. Launched back in 2007, this continues to be best even now. You can use the app and automatically backup your photos, video, and important files to the cloud and access on your android device.

dropbox apps


If you are having tons of apps it means you have to maintain tons of passwords which are a nearly impossible task. Then this password manager app is the best android app which ought to make password management a hassle-free task. There are many apps in the play store but what makes this android app best is that it is fairly simple to use and has a second authenticator for an increased layer of protection. It generates passwords, saves it, and when you want to login.

Lastpass app

Google apps

If yours is an android device then Google apps are a must to make life simpler and it is one best and useful android app. It starts from search, Assistant, maps, translator, drive suite, meet, classroom, and many more. These apps are an all-rounder to take through the day seamlessly. You can store data, connect with friends, take classes, attend the meeting, and ask questions. With Google Apps, you can do anything.

Google Maps

VLC player

To play video and music right off the box on your android device this is the best android apps. This can handle almost every file format out there. It has tons of features like play web streams, apply subtitles, and edit video with a built-in equalizer.

VLC player for android

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This android app pairs with any browser on the android device and you can save the articles that you want to read later. You can access it and while waiting or have some free time. Developed by Mozilla this is one of the best android apps to catch up on the latest articles.

pocket app


TickTick is a to-do list app without which your android phone is incomplete. You have to put your tasks in it and it will remind you when it is time. You can also feed things like a grocery list and other stuff. You can share tasks with the family members or a job. It comes with features like calendar, widgets, and note-taking.

ticktick app


There are varieties of android apps for editing photos but what makes this app special is that it gives access to every image editing tool. You can make even the slightest tweak to your images with this best android app. This app now developed by Google is an all-in-one editing app.

snapseed app


You might be happy with the keyboard that comes with your android phone but if you want typing to be taken to the next level then this android app by Microsoft is what you need. It suggests phrases, slang, and nicknames along with autocorrecting options. You prefer swiping then this best of the android app has that too. It also gives access to emojis and GIFs and supports multiple languages.

swiftkey app


The If This Then That app pulls together various android apps. You can integrate a bunch of programs from social media, web apps, hardware devices, online services, smart home platforms, to many more. This is designed especially for android phones to perform a variety of tasks using just a single platform.

IFTTT app screen

Bottom line

The app store is filled with tons of apps but these are the few apps that have proven to be useful for people in day to life and are the best android apps for an immersive experience. These apps help you manage even the tiniest of the job at hand with maximum efficiency.

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