Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch – Processor, Display, Specifications & Price in India

Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch (M1, 2020) is one of the most exciting laptops that Apple has released in years. By introducing the most extolled 5nm M1 chip in the laptop, Apple has revived the already popular Apple Macbook Pro. The MacBook Pro 13 packs powerful performance than the MacBook Air in a laptop smaller and cheaper than the flagship 16-inch MacBook Pro. Being 2.8 times faster than the model launched in 2020 and 3 times faster than a similar windows laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch is a revolutionary launch from Apple.

Price and Availability

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch price in India starts at Rs 116,790 for the base variant having 8GB RAM, 256SSD while the one with 8GB RAM and 512 SSD costs Rs 135,790. The 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD variant is priced at Rs 1,74,900.00. Let us see if Apple has made a deal with the pricing for the Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch specifications.

A Brief Look at Specs

When shifting focus from the processor to the design, the MacBook Pro 13-inch falls behind by a great extent. Though the laptop doesn’t offer variations in design, it makes a compelling purchase with the Apple M1 chipset. Focusing on display, the Apple MacBook pro 13 inch features a 13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit display with IPS technology and 2560×1600 native resolutions. The retina display of the Macbook is worth appreciation and earns scores for the Apple MacBook pro 13 inch specs.


The best way to describe the performance of the Macbook Pro M1 is that the hurdles between you and getting things done just melt away. According to the benchmark scores, it has one of the fastest processors that has ever been out in a laptop. 

With 1713 points in the single-core test and 7511 points in the multi-core test in the Geekbench 5, the Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch processor beats the desktop-class Intel processors found in the iMac 27-inch.

Though Apple has made a switch to ARM-based chip, you can continue to run the older apps with Apple’s Rosetta tool. Unlike the new MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro 13-inch is not silent as it has a fan but as the laptop gets warm sometimes, the fan comes in handy. On the whole, Macbook performance was great with day-to-day activities.


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The design of the Apple Macbook Pro 13inch won’t excite you much while you unbox. This is mainly because with 0.61 x 11.97 x 8.36 inches dimensions and 1.4KG weight it is pretty much the same as the previous model. If you are looking for a radical new design to complement the radical new internals you would be disappointed. The field of design has become a kind of missed opportunity for Apple.

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Battery Life

According to claims made by Apple, the MacBook Pro 13 has the longest battery life in the Mac journey ever. They promise 17 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 20 hours of video playback time. Though these are some huge claims by Apple, various Benchmark battery tests showed that the laptop lasted for about 15 hours which is still an impressive score. This without any argument is an impressive upgrade over the 2020 Intel model.

Pros and Cons

The MacBookPro 13-inch M1 offers a killer combination of flaring performance, the outstanding battery life in a similar design.


  • Blazing performance for day to day use
  • Strikingly long batter life
  • Bright and colourful display
  • Feel good magic keyboard
  • Noteworthy specs


  • Same out-dated design
  • Lack of port

Final Verdict 

The Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch is a great buy if you need a feature-filled laptop that is small and handy. It is a perfect option if you need a laptop with excellent battery life. However, if you are on a tight budget and want a lap with a graphical powerhouse there are various other models which you can take a look at.

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